Ian Young

"There is no doubt that PTSD Resolution saved my life."


Veteran Ian Young is an IT professional and is representing the UK in the Invictus Games on September 21st. He also runs half-marathons and marathons in aid of PTSD Resolution.

But life wasn't always so easy for Ian. After serving 11 years in the Army, he found that his military experiences would not stay in the past. Coupled with the death of his parents, Ian began self-medicating with alcohol but found that his life was quickly spiralling out of control.

When Ian finally plucked up the courage to seek help, he came across PTSD Resolution and less than one week later, he sat down to his first session of therapy.

Therapy wasn't easy. Initially, there were many tears, memories, and thoughts of traumatic things that had happened during his service, including witnessing the death of a female police officer on the streets of Northern Ireland. But Ian's therapist got straight to work and used a variety of techniques to help Ian come to terms all that he had experienced.

When Ian later relapsed, PTSD Resolution provided a second round of therapy to really get to the bottom of his emotional suffering and to teach him the necessary skills to stay calm and grounded.

Ian was so delighted with his treatment from PTSD Resolution that he has become one of the charity's most enthusiastic supporters, raising money and awareness at every possible opportunity.

In Ian's words:

"PTSD Resolution has helped me to pick my life back up and without their help and support. I know that the outcome would have been very different. I know that in the future if I get into any difficulties then their help is only a phone call away. I will always be forever in their debt!

For anyone reading this and thinking "You know what, that sounds a bit like me," my advice is, if you feel it, then its real. You don’t have to convince anyone, speak up and get the help and support that you deserve. There is nothing to be ashamed of."

PTSD Resolution provides free, effective and prompt treatment for veterans, reservists and their families who are struggling to overcome military trauma using a network of over 200 accredited therapists UK-wide. Find out more at www.ptsdresolution.org.