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Helping Forces’ Veterans in the Community

Like Lions Clubs, PTSD Resolution is a community-based charity: we provide vital therapeutic support for Force’s Veterans to resolve the devastating impact of military trauma - which can result in substance abuse, family breakdown and worse.

A number of clubs have agreed to help with funding the cost of therapy for a local Forces’ Veteran living close by, who has got into difficulties. We provide local treatment for a locally-based veteran/reservist or family member.

Why is this help needed? This is because there is an acute need for PTSD Resolution’s mental health support in the community; the NHS is unable to provide this specialist care and has long waiting lists - whilst other veterans’ charities, often already have intense demands on limited resources and available funding. No one else can deliver free, prompt, local and effective personal therapy.

Key features of PTSD Resolution’s service:-

1. Free help for Veterans, Reservists and families suffering from mental health issues
2. Confidential treatment
3. Local help through Accredited Therapists
4. Fast treatment, issues usually resolved in an average of five sessions
5. Availability - first session booked often in days
6. Compassionate: no need for clients to talk about events in their past
7. Cost-effective, £650 per program, all from public donations
8. Transparent, results are monitored and reported
9.. No one is turned away: including HM prisoners and those with addiction issues
10. Cobseo member, the Armed Forces charity organisation

How Lions Club Donations are used
To pay for locally delivered mental health therapy, by an accredited therapist, for a local Veteran, Reservist or Family member.
Each Lions Club donation pays for the cost of the therapy sessions that are delivered locally, with the appointment managed by the charity.
The charity pays no salaries and owns no assets, “not so much as a stapler” - money is used for our charitable purpose only: locally delivered therapy.

Summary: Veterans’ Mental Health Community Initiative 
1.    A community initiative to fund and deliver mental health treatment locally.
2.    Local help, delivered by a local therapist to help a local Forces’ Veteran.
3.    A charitable donation of £650 funds the individual’s programme.
4.    Therapy is free, local, effective with a near 8 out 10 rate of resolution of symptoms.

Please contact us to register your interest.

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