Private Clients

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Thank you for getting in touch with PTSD Resolution, an independent charity providing specialist counselling and some aftercare support for veterans, reservists and their family members.

Emergency Assistance
PTSD Resolution is not an emergency service and therefore should you find yourself in need of emergency, for immediate response, call 999 or The Samaritans on 116 123; or contact your GP, crisis team or A&E.

We are pleased to offer this service to non-military private clients. Please watch this video which will explain the referral process used by PTSD Resolution. Although it is aimed at the Veteran community, the process is still the same, except that it is not a free service.

Each one hour session is charged at £110.00 on a pay as you go basis and will be payable upon receipt of our invoice. Invoices will be sent out prior to your appointments and payment is due 3 clear working days prior to your appointment date.

During registration we take personal information that will be kept on our secure database. By registering  you are agreeing to this information being taken, stored and shared by PTSD Resolution’s clinical staff.

Generally sessions are 1 hour long and most clients see an improvement within 4 to 6 sessions. These sessions will either be face to face or online, after which, you and your therapist can decide when  therapy is complete or whether you need a few more sessions.

Working exclusively with our Human Givens Therapists
Our Human Givens therapists are trained in all aspects of mental health. We have 200 accredited therapists throughout the U.K.

You will be matched with the therapist most local to you or, in the case of online therapy, with a therapist experienced in working with clients in this way. Your therapist will call you within a few days of receiving your details to organise an appointment to see or speak with you as soon as possible.

You will not be given any invasive therapies. You will not have to re-tell or relive traumatic episodes and you will not be given any additional prescription drugs or medication.

Cancellation Policy
If you are unable to attend a session you must let your therapist know 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. If you do not let them know in time then your therapist may discharge you from our service and your fee will not be refundable.

We are bound by professional standards and as an independent charity we will guarantee you total confidentiality unless we have a concern about yours or someone else’s safety.

Outcome Measures
These are brief questionnaires, which will either be sent to you before your session or which your therapist will go through with you in the session. We would be grateful if you could fill them in. These questionnaires help us evaluate how well you are doing and how beneficial our therapy is for you.  These questionnaires will be anonymised before use in our database and are strictly in accordance with data protection rules. Included with this letter is your ‘Client Agreement’ form; by signing this you are agreeing for us to use this data for our service evaluation and development.

Ending Therapy
At the end of your therapy with PTSD Resolution we would like to hear how the therapy has helped you, what has improved for you personally and what changes have occurred in your life. It would be very useful if you could write or video a short comment and send it to We might be able to use it on our website or social media, for marketing purposes, however, it will never be used without your prior consent.

We hope your experience with PTSD Resolution is a positive one,  but if you do have any concerns please contact

Emergency Contacts
In emergency, for immediate response, call 999 or the Samaritans on 116 123; or contact your GP, crisis team or A&E


Yours sincerely,

Colonel Tony Gauvain (Retired)
Chairman & CEO, PTSD Resolution

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