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Armed Forces Day June 27: Help for Traumatised Veterans Locked Up During Lockdown

PTSD Resolution: Delivering Brief and Effective Therapy to Veterans in Prisons

To date, PTSD Resolution has treated 104 ex-service men and women in 21 UK prisons - with good results. As an independent mental health charity with 200 therapists across the UK, PTSD Resolution has stepped up to confront a problem others ignore: PTSD is on the rise amongst ex-military personnel and, unsurprisingly, in prisons.

In fact, a 2018 study on mental health worldwide found that up to 27% of male prisoners - and 37% of female - suffer Post Traumatic Stress symptoms. The same study revealed 90% of detainees with PTSD have received no psychological treatment - making PTSD the least treated mental disorder in prisons

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