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Your Donation will be DOUBLED in The Big Give, December 2020

Midday December 1st to Midday 8th only

Yes, If you donate through the Big Give your donation will be DOUBLED.
But only when you donate on the Big Give from Dec 1st to Dec 8th
So before then, if you want to help:-

1.    Please make a note in your diary, December 1st 2020, 12pm
2.    Raise funds, and retain the money between now and December,
3.    Then in December donate on line, in the 1st, with a credit card only please.

donate at the big give

Yes, Your Donation can be DOUBLED when you support Forces' Veterans mental health..

If you want to support our work this year, we highly recommend donating during the Christmas Challenge. Because this is when your donation will be doubled with matched funding by generous benefactors in the #BigGIve scheme. So you can make even more of a difference in helping the mental welfare of Forces’ Veteran, Reservists and their families.

Please note you cannot donate through the Big Give until December 1st. A clear message will be displayed to indicate when the Challenge has started and when your donation will be doubled. Donation is by credit card only please.

You can read more about the Christmas Challenge on the Big Give website. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at And follow us on social media to stay up to date.

Finally, please pass on this message to anyone whom you think might be interested in supporting us and having their donation doubled!

Please be sure to follow us to stay up to date on news:-


Many thanks in advance,

Best wishes
Tony Gauvain

PS Here’s why people help PTSD Resolution: The Charity for Forces' Veterans Mental Health:-

1. FREE therapy for Veterans and families and it works: (see Key Facts)
2. Confidential, no GP referral needed
3. Local therapy, UK network of therapists
4. Fast, usually resolved in average of 5 sessions (see testimonials)
5. Availability, 1st session booked often in days
6. Compassionate: you don't have to talk about the events
7. Cost-effective, just £650 per program
8. Transparent, results monitored & reported
9. Use of your donations: we've no salaried staff, offices or assets
10.No one turned away (e.g. HM prisoners & those with addiction issues)
11. Now help is delivered online during the pandemic