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Big Give

Big Give 2021:

Midday 30th November to 7th December 2021

When your donation through the Big Give matched-funding scheme will be DOUBLED.

But only when you donate on the Big Give dates.

So before then, if you want to help:-

1.    please raise funds,
2.    retain the money,
3.    then donate on line, with a credit card on the day.

donate at the big give 2021

Why People choose Big Give to help PTSD Resolution to help Veterans

1.    A unique opportunity to DOUBLE your charitable donation – to DOUBLE the great work it supports
2.    Your donation is used very carefully, for veterans' therapy – we have no assets, pay no salaries.
3.   We rely on the generosity of people like you to help us help our veterans
4.    Only with your help can we provide FREE therapy to Veterans, Reservists and their families
5.    Donations are used to pay for local therapy, through our UK network of 200 therapists
6.    Compassion: we treat Veterans with addiction issues and in prison, and families who are suffering 
7.    Success: in nearly 8 out of 10 programmes, no further help is needed by the veteran

Tell us about your fund raising and we will support you, through social media and other means!


Help us help veterans like Stephen.

After 22 years' service in the Gulf, Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Iraq, Stephen says he didn't know how to function in normal society.

He was slipping down to a very dark place and finding it hard to get support:

“I went to my local GP who wasted my time. I was prescribed pills. A doctor told me to get more exercise. A mental health nurse told me I had autism. I don’t.
“Then I found PTSD Resolution…
“As soon as I approached them I was recognised as having PTSD… they helped me understand WHY I was anxious and depressed. It put me back in control. Now I know I can switch off the bad memories. I don’t feel guilty about things anymore. I am focused on looking forward.
“More Veterans should be made aware of them! I got ‘me’ back.”

See the many Testimonials from Veterans like Stephen.