PTSD - Are you affected?

If you are a former member of the UK armed services,TA or Reservists and you suffer from the symptoms of post-traumatic stress, please read this page.

Symptoms of military PTSD can include flashbacks and nightmares involving one of more traumatic events that you may have experienced during military service. If this applies to you, then you can contact us confidentially for details of help available near you.

Step 1: Contact PTSD Resolution by phone on 0300 302 0551. If the line is busy or outside the hours of 0900-1700hrs, please leave a brief message with your number, and it will be replied to as soon as possible that day or early the next. - we'll discuss your needs, advise you of your eligibility for help; describe how the programme works; and then put you in touch with a local therapist who is registered for the PTSD Resolution programme, or contact us via the contacts page.

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Step 2: You then attend a course of sessions with a qualified therapist. The programme involves usually five or six one-hour therapy sessions. This is on a one-to-one, out-patient basis with the therapist, until symptoms are relieved. All therapy is entirely confidential.

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