What does PTSD Resolution do? 

PTSD Resolution is a charity that enables UK armed forces’ veterans (army, navy, airforce), reservists and family members to connect with Human Givens psychotherapists for help with their mental health, including military trauma and PTSD. The charity acts as a referral service that can allocate a client to one of a network of over 200 therapists located all over the UK. For more, see About Us.

The goal is to help the client return to a normal work, social and family life.

Is PTSD Resolution a registered charity - is therapy free of charge? 

PTSD Resolution is a charity, number 1133188.  Therapy is free of charge to the person accessing the service. We rely on donations and fundraising to be able to do this. We receive no state sector financial allocation for our services. 

What makes PTSD Resolution different from other charities?.

We specialise in delivering mental health therapy to the community of forces veterans. Treatment is free, prompt, local and effective. Unlike other charities in this sector we will help clients who have alcohol, drug and other addiction problems, or are in prison. But better still, please see what veterans say about us in testimonials.

How can I get help for my mental health problems as a UK armed forces veteran? 

Simply call our number 0300 302 0551, or send an email to contact@ptsdresolution.org

 If it is out of hours your call is redirected to the Veterans Gateway and someone will call you back soon.

My partner is an armed forces veteran struggling with depression and anger - can you help? 

We have helped people with these problems before and continue to do so. The therapist will ask the client what they want to work on. Family members may also require support. 

I feel very stressed from living with a veteran with trauma - can you help me? 

We can provide treatment for the veteran and we can also provide support for partners and family dependants. This may be to help you better understand the nature of trauma or to help you cope with stress or other ways in which your life may have been affected.

What is PTSD? 

PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is an official term to describe a cluster of psychological and physical symptoms that may be exhibited by someone who has been adversely affected by a powerful emotional event in their past, often associated with a threat to life or extreme danger to themselves or others. People also use the term ‘trauma’ to describe such a situation. People do not need to have an official diagnosis of PTSD to get help from us.    

Symptoms may include substance addiction, nightmares, outbursts of anger and violence, resulting in job loss and family breakdown. Sadly, this may include suicidal thoughts too.

What type of mental health therapy does PTSD Resolution provide? 

We provide Human Givens therapy which focuses on the cause of and the solution to the problem and which also factors in what is happening in the person’s environment. The ideas and techniques behind this model give our therapists a variety of ways to help people  because ‘one size does not fit all’.    

Can PTSD be cured? 

Earlier we looked at the idea of PTSD as a collection of symptoms. We should think about someone’s recovery in a similar way: as a reduction in the effect of the symptoms. A successful treatment is described as a recovery rather than a ‘cure’ because that would suggest that they will never have any of the symptoms ever again, even to a small degree and perhaps for reasons not directly related to their original trauma.

Does PTSD Resolution’s therapy really work - what is the evidence?

All treatments are measured and recorded. The CORE-10 (10-item Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation) measure is used, a well-recognised form of clinical measurement for mental health therapy. There is also a follow-up programme to confirm success. PTSD Resolution has a near 8 out of 10 success rate in resolving military trauma to where both the client and the therapist agree that no further therapy is required. 

How will my donation be used by PTSD Resolution - how much goes to helping veterans?

We have a very ‘lean’ operation, in that we pay no salaries and own no assets - with some hourly paid staff for core tasks, and support from volunteers. This ensures that funds are focused on our charitable purposes of providing therapy, with research on PTSD and communications to the veteran and wider community, so they know help is available. 

There is a detailed Impact Report. Also, details of our credentials.

What do forces’ veterans say about PTSD Resolution?

We invite those we help to submit a testimonial, in order to help others who may need therapy. We record these testimonials.

How can I help the armed forces charity PTSD Resolution? 

As a charity that does not receive a state grant, we welcome any fundraising, donations or promotion of our work. There are ideas about how to help us on our website but you are also welcome to get in touch if you have an idea that you would like to discuss with us.  There are many ways to donate.