Working with Local Charities to Help Forces' Veterans in your Community

PTSD Resolution is a community-based registered charity. We provide mental health therapy to armed forces' veterans locally, with local funding support. This effectively resolves the devastating impact of the trauma that can result from military service in conflicts that range from Aden to Afghanistan.

Sadly too often reported in the press, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) amongst ex-forces people is responsible for terrible personal distress, family breakdown and suicide in a number of instances.

PTSD Resolution launched the communities initiative to enable local charitable clubs and other organisations to identify the need for help amongst individual forces' veterans in their areas. Therapy is delivered through a local therapist, accredited by PTSD Resolution, who manage and have responsibility for the programme.

In each instance, PTSD Resolution is approached by a veteran needing help. We then assess the needs of the veteran and identify a local therapist from our national network of 200. We then ask the therapist to start the programme, as help is needed urgently, and contact a local charity to ask for funding support - please contact us to register your interest.

Once we have engaged with the local charity, we provide full details of the programme and report back to the club on the results.

How your Donation Helps a Local Veteran

PTSD Resolution asks for a donation to cover the £750 cost of treatment - or a proportion of it according to the availability of funds. This is the cost for the local therapist to deliver the agreed programme. It covers the average of six sessions of therapy required - however no additional donation is requested if further treatment is needed.

Treatment is always delivered locally and free of charge to each veteran - also to veterans' families and to forces' reservists if they are seeking similar help.

Detailed reporting of each case shows a near 80 percent rate of resolution for the symptoms of trauma, where both the therapist and the veteran agree no further treatment is needed.

For reasons of confidentiality the name of the veteran who is treated is not disclosed. Instead PTSD Resolution shares a unique case number with the club, which is used to track progress.

PTSD Resolution can supply a local accredited therapist to meet with club members to talk about the treatment programme and the mental health issues.

PTSD Resolution is a member of Cobseo, the confederation of service charities, All local therapists are registered with the charity and accredited with the Human Givens Institute.

Summary: Veterans' Mental Health Community Initiative

1. A community initiative to fund and deliver mental health treatment locally.
2. Local help, delivered by a local therapist to help a local Forces' Veteran.
3. A charitable donation of £750, in whole/part, is requested to fund the programme.
4. PTSD Resolution manages the programme, reporting to the local charity.
5. Therapy is free, local, effective with a near 80% resolution of symptoms.

Please contact us to register your interest.

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