Armed Forces Covenant

The Armed Forces Covenant is a commitment by public & private sector organisations to support those who serve or have served in the armed forces.  

The Covenant is a key part of every Company’s CSR (Corporate & Social Responsibility) programme.

Companies – How to get Involved

Companies and other organisations are often looking for a worthy cause to support - a registered charity doing a great job, with proof of the effect it is having in helping disadvantaged or injured members of our community.

PTSD Resolution is a charity to consider.

It’s a cause that will meet your CSR commitments; it’s a team builder for staff fund raising; and will provide an interesting topic for your conferences and communications.

We help UK Forces’ Veterans and their families where the veteran is suffering the effects of military trauma. It is a problem with huge personal and social costs. For veterans, their families and wider society.

Help us, at PTSD Resolution, and you can make a real difference. Here are the reasons why

Working with You

There many opportunities to help us. You can simply donate funds or actively work with us, as your charity partner. We have a wealth of experience in working with organisations like yours. Here is how you can help:-

•        Charity of the Year – nominate us and we will help you promote your involvement, in your communications and events
•         Staff fund raising – we have great ideas and promotional material, including T-shirts and flags
•         Conference speaker – we can provide highly interesting content, whether delivered by a Veteran or Therapist
•         Trauma Awareness Training (TATE) – half-day courses on how managers can recognise the symptoms of trauma


1.    Make a difference: we have full evidence available of the impact and benefits of our therapy for Veterans
2.    Ideal for Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes
3.    Team development: your teams working together voluntarily to help a great charitable cause
4.    Helping the Veterans amongst your staff deal with trauma - see TATE training above

Meet our Ambassadors, representing us to business

See how employer FDM won the ERS Gold Award

Defence Employer Recognition Scheme

Video explaining the TATE programme can be found below, and the complete series can be viewed here: