Walking round The World for Resolution

Walk The world

Ambassador Matt Minshall has organised an initiative 'Walk Round The World' for as many people as possible to 'walk round the world’ and raise funds for PTSD Resolution. 

We are still walking and are over halfway!  We have reached 25913 kilometres!  Plus, we have received £6166.70.  We can complete the distance and we can do better with donations.  Please help.

The Coronavirus crisis does not stop PTSD and the sufferers’ ability to get help is as important as ever.  The Charity is doing all it can to ensure that help continues, and the therapists are adapting marvellously; let us see how we can boost their efforts.  As outdoor opportunities are becoming limited, we are also allowing sit ups, press-ups and anything else that you can think of as a physical effort requiring some form of movement, and these can all be logged and made into a challenge to be sponsored. Please state WRTW and the Team member they are supporting in their message ie WRTW for George.
  Donations are what we need.

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*Walk Round The World for Resolution is an enduring event for Resolution - a charity that helps Veterans, and Reservists who are struggling to reintegrate into a normal work & family life due to military trauma suffered during service in the armed forces -  http://ptsdresolution.org.  The event aims to add the total of peoples running, walking, cycling, wheelchair travel to reach a grand total of the distance around the world 40076 kilometres.  Each Team Member does their best effort and seeks donations for the charity.

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