PTSD Resolution -Trauma Awareness Training

Trauma Awareness Training

PTSD Resolution offers popular half and one-day workshops nationwide. Each session is led by an experienced trauma therapist.

New: COVID-19 update - training can now be delivered remotely, over the internet, to several staff members who may be self-isolated and working under quarantine conditions. The session is live and remains fully interactive, with opporunties for questions and answers.

This session introduces line managers and other staff to the issue of trauma: what it is, how to recognise it, how it affects performance; and how to resolve it.

Who will benefit from this course: managers, line managers, security and counter-terror operatives, HR and Learning & Development staff, blue-light service personnel, and, indeed, all staff members in all organsiations.

The course enables attendees to:-

• Recognise post-traumatic symptoms
• Understand the effects of trauma on human behaviour
• Engage with traumatised people to explore practical options
• Identify clear routes to resolving workplace difficulties caused by trauma

PTSD Resolution is the first national treatment agency to offer TATE, based on the successful Human Givens programme used by our therapists to help UK Forces' Veterans

If you are interested in attending a course, or booking a course for your organisation please

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Feedback we have received:

“The best day’s training I have ever attended. Period.” 

 Specialist Paramedic

“Makes very complex issues easily understandable and I am taking away far more than I expected from today. I know what signs to look out for now and I’ll  feel much more confident dealing with students who are distressed.”  

University Welfare Officer

“I recognised my husband in so many of the slides that were shown today. Now I know what’s going on I can try to encourage him to get help and know where to turn to get it”.

HR manager and Veteran’s Wife.

Videos explaining the TATE programme can be found below, and the complete series (13) can be viewed here:

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