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News Release


What Veterans Say About PTSD Resolution

"My traumatic event occurred in the Mull of Kintyre of 1984 when I was involved in a helicopter crash. About a month later, I started to develop PTSD symptoms and I went to see my GP who referred me to a  Community Psychiatric Nurse. He carried out some computer testing with me and the result said that I did not have PTSD, just a problem with adjustment. A little while later, I re-sat the test and was told that I would be fine.
"About 18 months ago, my symptoms became considerably worse. I contacted Combat Stress who put me on a six-week residential course. This seemed to work well but I knew that I still wasn't right. My family were really worried about me and it was my sister-in-law who found about PTSD Resolution.
"The Rewind Technique, used by PTSD Resolution, worked really well for me because you don't have to go through every detail of what happened. The memory of what happened is still there but it doesn't cause me any stress. I am a lot less anxious than I was and I am functioning far better. Sleep has improved and my anger levels have dropped. My self-confidence has also improved and I feel more positive than ever before.
"The service from PTSD Resolution could not be improved. In fact, it needs to be out there and more widely known among the public. I feel better now than I ever remember feeling, so thank you!"

BD, Service in Iraq & Afghanistan.

"I developed PTSD after suffering years of psychological and physical abuse at the hands of my father, a former Navy officer. As a result of his abuse, I was homeless for seven years and I have suffered flashbacks which have left me unable to work.

"By the time I found out about PTSD Resolution, I was desperate for help. They put me in touch with a therapist who recognised that my PTSD was caused by years of abuse and, more importantly, that it was not my fault. This really warmed my heart. I am now so much calmer and starting to rebuild my confidence. I would definitely recommend this service to others."

SY, Daughter of a Veteran


See what Veterans’ say. These are the true stories of Forces' Veterans who have received help from PTSD Resolution. We have used initials rather than real names for confidentiality where the Veteran has requested this.