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Sandbag Racing is a sporting event, maybe the hardest foot race in the world - all to raise awareness of Veterans’ mental health.

On Saturday 22nd May, the inaugural British Camp Sandbag Race will take place in Ledbury, Herefordshire. Partnering with military charities PTSD Resolution and All Call Signs, this event will help to ensure mental health services remain available to the Veteran community.

The race itself is an 8km challenge which sees athletes compete to carry a sandbag across undulating terrain - up hills, through woodland and arriving at a Bronze Age hill fort on the border of Worcestershire and Herefordshire.

“It’s a test of the soul - the sandbag is uncomfortable, awkward and hard to carry. It is a test of will-power and heart,” say the organisers.

sandbag racing

Sandbag Racing is designed to generate awareness of mental health by using the sandbag as a metaphor for mental illness, including PTSD:

  1. It’s heavy
  2. It’s awkward to carry
  3. It’s easier to carry when shared
  4. Acknowledgement of the load and active engagement with it is important

Drawing attention to the broader implications of mental challenges, the organisers say: “The more we train our mental health and prepare our minds the better we can cope with negative aspects of mental health.”

You can make a direct donation here: https://raceroster.com/events/2021/37404/british-camp-sandbag-race/fundraising-organization/28522

WHEN: The British Camp Sandbag Race event will be held on 22nd May

WHERE: Deer Park Campsite, Eastnor, Ledbury

WHY: To raise fund for Veterans mental health!

PTSD Resolution, Charity No. 1133188, provides therapy for the mental health and welfare of Forces’ Veterans, Reservists and their families. The treatment is free, effective and delivered promptly through a network of 200 therapists nationwide, and now by phone and internet during the pandemic. Contact www.PTSDresolution.org .

Therapy is delivered in an average of six sessions, with 78% of cases seeing an improvement in reported symptoms to where the client and therapist agree that no further therapy is required.

The charity is one of the only organisations that provides therapy to veterans who are also suffering with addiction issues or are in prison. Services are also delivered to family members, including partners and children, who may experience the symptoms of trauma from living with a traumatised veteran.

We publish a regular Newsletter that contains lots of information about people that we have helped, the work that we do etc.

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Contact: 0300 302 0551 or contact@ptsdresolution.orgwww.ptsdresolution.org