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Take Part in the Captain Tom 100 Challenge

Take Part in the Captain Tom 100 Challenge

To celebrate Captain Tom Moore’s amazing achievements and mark what would have been his 101st birthday, everyone’s invited to take part in a fundraising challenge between Friday 30 April and Monday 3 May. You can choose any activity that involves the number 100 - from walking 100 metres to baking 100 cakes.
All funds raised will support the work of PTSD Resolution: to promote, support and protect the mental health of Veterans, Reservists and their Families. We have had nearly 3,000 referrals to date, and there are many more from the forces community who are suffering and need our help: local, prompt and effective therapy available nationwide.

Captian Tom 100

Captain Tom 100

Here are some ideas to get you started!

  • Bake 100 cakes (sell and donate the proceeds)
  • 100 press ups
  • Cycle 100km
  • Run 100m
  • 100 song sing-athon
  • Swim 100 lengths
  • 100 star jumps
  • Donate 100 items to charity
  • Wash 100 cars (donate the proceeds)
  • Tell 100 jokes
  • Say “hello” or “thank you” in 100 languages
  • Count to 100 in a different language
  • Name 100 cities
  • 100 quiz questions
  • Make 100 people laugh
  • 100 clues or prizes in a treasure hunt (charge a small fee to enter)
  • Walk 100km
  • 100 pancake flips
  • 100 piece litter pick
  • 100 minute sponsored silence
  • Take 100 photos
  • 100 keepie-uppies
  • 100 minutes of yoga or pilates
  • Climb 100 steps

Captain Tom 100

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