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Jonathan Thomson rides the NC500 raising awareness for PTSD Resolution

PTSD-Resolution Impact Report
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During October 2020 a single rider set off on a 7-day attempt to ride the famous North Coast 500 through the highlands of Scotland.

Jonathan Thompson rides the NC500 raising awareness for PTSD Resolution

An incredibly tough ride even for young somethings. This unique and circular route starts and ends in Inverness. Heading out west to Applecross on day one. Then he hugged the coast road north, towards Durness and the very northern tip of Scotland.

Another change of direction took him eastwards along the very top of Scotland and made his way to the famous landmark of John O'Groats. Then to prevent riding on the somewhat busy A9 south, he decided to return to the centre ground and head south through Sutherland and the 'Flow' country towards Altnerharra and finally Inverness Castle and the finish line.

Jonathan Thompson rides the NC500 to raise awareness for PTSD Resolution

Totals: 7 days, 862.1 K, (535 miles) 11,005 m climb, 48.61 hours in the saddle. Not bad for a 75-year-old.