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New Survey: Incidence of Veterans' Trauma and PTSD

PTSD-Resolution Impact Report

PTSD Resolution periodically carries out research to further understand the occurrence of trauma-related mental health problems experienced by UK Armed Forces’ Veterans, Reservists and their families.

Please see the research report.

The principal objective of the charity is to provide relief for these problems through their UK-wide network of 200 Human Givens-trained therapists and to carry out further research into the incidence of PTSD and the resolution of symptoms experienced by veterans of the British Army, Navy and Air Force, as well as family members who may be affected by living with a traumatised person.

PTSD Resolution is now approaching 3,000 referrals to date. Of these, 78% of cases reported an improvement in symptoms where the client and therapist agreed that no further therapy was required. Please see the PTSD Resolution 10 year Impact Report.

The research results announced today examined available sources of information online to identify data and help understand the frequency of Veterans’ trauma compared to its occurrence in the wider community.

Questions the research sought to answer included:

How many veterans are there in the UK?

What is the incidence of PTSD amongst UK veterans? By number and as a percentage of all veterans?

What percentage of those who experienced combat have PTSD, as compared with those who did not?

What are the costs of providing PTSD treatment for UK Veterans? What is the total cost to society (including for example from job loss, family breakdown)? 

What are the costs of PTSD treatment for the UK population? What is the total cost to society?

How many veterans are in prison?

How much does the Government spend on mental health care for Forces Veterans? What is the spend per head?

Who in the UK Government is currently responsible for the mental welfare of forces veterans?

Please see the research report.