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PTSD Understanding Recovery: The Book £12.99

PTSD-Resolution Impact Report

PTSD: Understanding and Recovery’ by Rosalind Townsend explains to those without any previous knowledge of trauma and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) what sufferers are going through and why. It provides a framework, which includes exercises and activities, to help traumatised people take back control of their minds and bodies and start along the road to recovery.

Rosalind Townsend is an experienced Human Givens therapist who works in PTSD Resolution's network of 200 therapists. The charity has provided trauma treatment to over 2,000 armed forces’ veterans, reservists and their families, free of charge. It has achieved a 78% resolution of trauma symptoms - where both the therapist and recipient of therapy confirm that no further help is required.
Review by Pat Capel, Human Givens therapist

Rosalind Townsend is a psychotherapist with a wealth of experience in helping those who have suffered with this disorder. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) came into our consciousness through the experiences of military personnel, originally being coined “Shell Shock” during World War I. Now, therapeutic techniques have developed to treat anyone living with the after-effects of similarly traumatic events such as rape, terrorist attacks, being mugged or living in an abusive relationship. The treatment options have greatly improved, and PTSD no longer has to be a hopeless and debilitating condition.

PTSD Understanding and Recovery is aimed at those who are having to deal with PTSD in their daily lives – either as a sufferer or helping a loved one – Rosalind explains to those without any previous knowledge of trauma and PTSD what sufferers are going through and why.
In it, she explains:

● What is PTSD?
● Why do some people get it when others who live through the same or similar experiences do not?
● What are the common symptoms?
● What can the person living with it do to help themselves?
● What professional help would be useful to clear the trauma in order to live a more fulfilling life?

What I found so useful in this book is that she very clearly shows the link between sleep, anger, low motivation and depression and how these are all part of the PTSD condition. But she offers hope and ideas as to how to recover by understanding what the condition is. Ultimately, she shows how taking back control is possible. It is not full of confusing jargon. It is clear, logical and accessible to anyone who has some connection with the disorder. Rosalind is a Human Givens therapist and relies heavily on the underlying principles of this school of therapy but neither do you need to have knowledge about The Human Givens in order to appreciate the book. She explains everything in a clear and unambiguous way.

I would highly recommend this book, even if you want only a broader understanding of PTSD.

It is also worth noting that 50% of the proceeds go to a fantastic charity called PTSD Resolution. This charity offers counselling to veterans and their families and since it started in 2009, has helped thousands of traumatised veterans across the UK.

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