New Book - 'PTSD: Understanding and Recovery', by Rosalind Townsend

New Book - 'PTSD: Understanding and Recovery', by Rosalind Townsend

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PTSD: Understanding and Recovery’ by Rosalind Townsend explains to those without any previous knowledge of trauma and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) what sufferers are going through and why. It provides a framework, which includes exercises and activities, to help traumatised people take back control of their minds and bodies and start along the road to recovery. 

Rosalind Townsend is an experienced Human Givens therapist who works in PTSD Resolution's network of 200 therapists. The charity has provided trauma treatment to over 2,000 armed forces’ veterans, reservists and their families, free of charge. It has achieved a 78% resolution of trauma symptoms - where both the therapist and recipient of therapy confirm that no further help is required. 

The charity receives 50 per cent of the proceeds of each book sale to help meet the costs of treatment programmes.

The book has been circulating privately among veterans for some time; in 2018 PTSD Resolution decided to publish it because of the reputation the book has acquired as a helpful resource.

The stigma attached to Post Traumatic Stress has prevented many who suffer from it seeking the help they need. Rosalind Townsend’s book explores the varied causes of a condition experienced by many thousands of people – both in the armed forces, emergency services and in civilian life – and offers practical help in the way of simple but effective coping strategies. 

Illustrated with coloured diagrams which explain how the stressed brain misinterprets stimuli to arouse feelings of panic and despair, this guide will help those plagued by PTSD to process traumatic memories so that they no longer trigger distress.

“It will add substantially to the help needed by all those affected by this very real and unpleasant condition.” – Major General Andrew Keeling CB CBE, former Commandant General, Royal Marines.

“An exceptional read which has given me the guidance to better understand and manage my PTSD and help in my recovery.” – Sid Spencer, former Private, 1st Devon and Dorset Regiment.

Note: If you are struggling to cope because of an event that happened to you, PTSD Resolution has a network of therapists helping to resolve the effects of trauma. Confidential, local and free to Veterans, Reservists and their families. 

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