Conference - 2017

Conference 2017

8th APRIL 2017
at The Rifles Officers' Club, 56 Davies Street, London, W1K 5HR
Please book your place here - tickets are £40 + £3.07 booking fee)

Our biennial conference this year is aimed at therapists; this invitation goes to all HGI therapists and interested parties.
The theme of the conference is ‘The military mind – the same but different’.  The purpose is to explore and improve our approach to working with Armed Forces Veterans, Reservists and Family members, by adapting our general therapeutic skills to the context of the military experience.

The programme will be as follows:
0900-1000: Registration, coffee/tea
1000: Tony Gauvain – Welcome, team introductions, ‘Where are we now’
1030: Bill Andrews – Research progress and Pragmatic Tracker update

1100: Coffee/tea

1115: Mary Austin, HG therapist, case studies and experiences with female clients
1145: Andrew Hawkins, HG therapist, case studies and experiences with male clients                                                          
1215: Round table discussions – collate salient points about what makes military clients different
1230: Matthew Green – Author of ‘Aftershock’ – reflections

1300: Lunch (self provision)

1345: Abigail Darling, HG therapist, experiences with clients at risk
1415: Renee Van der Vloodt, HG therapist, introduces Louise Chester and Dr Julia Ronder on  Mindful Self Compassion and The Human Givens

1530: Tea

1545: Alan Barry – Author of ‘Salesman and an AK47’ 
1615: Piers Bishop – closing remarks
1630: Close

I very much look forward to seeing you there. 
Please book your place here (tickets are £40 + £3.07 booking fee)
Colonel A de P Gauvain (Retired)
Chairman, PTSD Resolution  
01483 267027

If you require more information, please email