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Security Industry partners with PTSD Resolution

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ASIS UK has announced it is to partner with the charity PTSD Resolution to access the national network of therapists for the treatment of trauma for our members.

ASIS International is the largest organisation for security professionals, with more than 38,000 members worldwide including 750 in the UK.

ASIS UK is the first security membership organisation, probably in the world, to offer trauma treatment as a member service through a preferred supplier. This means that any member of ASIS UK who feels that they might be suffering from trauma, however caused, can access the PTSD Resolution network of some 200 therapists nationally, at a preferential fee rate. This also applies to family members.

A major benefit is that an appointment for therapy can usually be arranged in a matter of days. Also, the service is confidential and no referral is needed from a GP.

ASIS UK has worked with the charity for several years now in support of its primary aim, which is to provide help to UK forces’ veterans and reservists who may be experiencing the residual effects of military trauma. The charity has helped many veterans – some of whom work in the security industry – in a service that is both compassionate and effective.

There are particular issues of mental health for the security sector community, not only because of the number of veterans in its ranks, but also because of what staff may see or hear or otherwise experience during the course of their work. With the current level of terrorist threat that there is an ever-present risk of being exposed to trauma, at first hand or through the account of staff or colleagues.

“All responsible organisations of any size now have contingency plans to deal with a terrorist attack or other security threat or damage. It is universally recognised as a sensible and logical precaution. But too few organisations have any kind of backup plan for how to deal with the trauma that staff might experience from any of these or other circumstances in the course of their employment,” says ASIS UK.


Download the article that appeared in "Risk UK" here

News Article: Telegraph and Argus "Fundraising is on the up for Craig after a pub crawl with a difference

Craig Robinson 22 Press Ups

#22PressUps: Get Fit, Have Fun, Help our Veterans

WHEN 43-year-old Craig Robinson’s pals nominated him on Facebook to complete the 22 Press Ups challenge for charity PTSD Resolution, he decided to call in back up.

He rounded up some rugby friends and organised a pub crawl with a difference, carrying out the challenge in 22 pubs from Bingley’s Wetherspoons to the City Vaults and The City Gent.

PTSD Resolution is a charity helping veterans, territorial army and reservists who are struggling to settle back into a normal work and family life because of military trauma suffered during service in the armed forces.

The challenge was started by an American campaign group called #22KILL, which is hoping to reach 22million press ups in total. Its aim is to raise awareness of veteran suicides and word spreads via social media, where people post videos of themselves in action and challenge others to take part.

Mr Robinson’s sister-in-law, Claire Adams, said: “Craig got nominated and didn’t want to do it alone so he got some mates involved and decided to make a day of it.

"The response we got was amazing. We had to run and buy more buckets.
"People were so generous, it just went crazy.
"We even had a bride and groom join in the press ups in one of the pubs!"

The challengers have so far made more than £900 and donations can still be made online at

Mr Robinson added: “Hopefully we’re on our way to £1,000.”

Note: this article appeared in The Telegraph & Argus 
We wish to thank the Telegraph & Argus

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"Anger in the UK Armed Forces"
Strong Association With Mental Health, Childhood Antisocial Behavior, and
Combat Role
Roberto J. Rona, FFPH,* Margaret Jones, BA,* Lisa Hull, MSc,* Deirdre MacManus, MRCPsych,*
Nicola T. Fear, DPhil (Oxon),† and Simon Wessely, FMedSci*


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