Fundraising For Us


Click here to download the Fundraising Pack. (The pack consists of several .pdf files for you to download)

Useful dates for fundraising:

Why not plan and theme your fundraising event to tie in with one of these significant dates:

St David's (March 1)
Saint David's Day is the feast day of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales, and falls on 1 March, the date of Saint David's death in 589 CE.

St Patrick's (March 17)
Saint Patrick's Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick (c. AD 385–461).

St George's (April 23)
Saint George's Day is the feast day of Saint George as celebrated by various Christian Churches and by the several nations, kingdoms, countries, and cities of which Saint George is the patron saint. Saint George's Day is celebrated on 23 April, the traditionally accepted date of the saint's death in Diocletianic Persecution of AD 303.

Veterans Day/Armed Forces Day (June 24)
Armed Forces Day (formerly Veterans' Day) in the United Kingdom is an annual event celebrated in late June to commemorate the service of men and women in the British Armed Forces.

World Mental Health Day (October 10)
Is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma.

Remembrance Day (November 11)
Sometimes known informally as Poppy Day is a memorial day observed in Commonwealth of Nations member states since the end of the First World War to remember the members of their armed forces who have died in the line of duty.

St Andrew's Day (November 30)
St. Andrew's Day is Scotland's official national day.

These are ideas for fundraising events that you can hold in your local community. The events are fun, and a great way to tell people about the work of PTSD Resolution – and also raise vital funds.


PTSD Resolution are looking for thrill-seeking fundraisers to take on this once in a lifetime challenge. And if you raise enough sponsorship you can jump for free!

More info...

Social events/coffee mornings, lunches, 'bring and buy'

Please ask a few friends to bake, then open your house for a morning. Charge a fixed price per drink/cake; or you can have a donation box and suggest a minimum suggested donation
If you have the space, invite local small businesses to set up stalls in return for 10-15% of takings, and ask for donations, raffle prizes - an example is Phoenix Trading, who franchise, or perhaps invite a small jewellery or cooking equipment company.

You could hold a Raffle at the event – this is usually the biggest money-earner. Ask friends and local small businesses to donate a prize: it can be a product or service: if you have time you can write to large companies too, which is a good way to raise awareness. If people can't come to the event then sell them some raffle tickets instead – but please be aware of the regulations concerning raffle tickets which we can supply.

You might consider advertising at local schools or pubs, churches and other community organisations; also libraries and local notice boards

Wine and snacks evening

It's the same premise as the coffee morning

Auction of promises

Similar to a raffle but you can ensure more prizes by asking people to donate services - such as a relaxation/stress-busting session - or massage, baking a cake or cleaning a car.

Just Giving: On-line Donations Web

Remember that you can always give to us on-line at BmyCharity. You can set up your own page too, which is an easy and efficient way to promote your fundraising event and increase the funds you raise. Simply follow the link to Just Giving – and/or also set up your own online fundraising webpage

Waitrose Community Matters

This is a scheme designed to put a share of Waitrose profits back into local communities. Three local charities or causes are supported each month. Each branch gives £1000 per month which is divided proportionally between the three nominated causes. To nominate PTSD Resolution, pick up a nomination form from the customer service welcome desk at your local branch.

Marathons, Sponsored Walks, Teddy Bears' Picnic

For opportunities and events, the sky is the limit. As you know, there are countless events to join for all ages and levels of fitness. You can organise a team or an event yourself – perhaps a particular walk that you have always wanted to do with a group of friends, such as a coastal path or hill trail.

We can supply you with T-shirts (by arrangement), sponsorship forms, collection boxes and other collateral. Again, please contact us for details.