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Personal Development

Building Heroes is a not-for-profit organisation established to provide residential training in sustainable refurbishment and sustainable horticultural skills to ex-service personnel and unemployed young adults.

Our course includes modules in health and safety, construction (carpentry, plastering, plumbing and painting and decorating) or horticulture skills, with special focus on sustainability, as well as employability and business skills with all courses leading to nationally recognised accredited qualifications and CSCS card.

We make a difference to the lives of our trainees by giving them the skills to succeed through training and work experience as well as an opportunity of employment, self-employment or franchise upon successful completion of our programme.

For more information or to download an application form please visit or email us at For all other enquiries please call 01444 443839.

High Ground. Our mission is to provide jobs, careers and vocational opportunities for Service Leavers, Reservists and Veterans in the land-based sector. We are also proud to deliver the Horticultural Therapy service at Headley Court.

Military skills and experience map perfectly into the land-based sector.

By building a powerful community HighGround has the resources to create opportunities for ex-military personnel and reservists to pursue a career in the land-based sector.

We do this through work experience and employment opportunities, and by providing access to the right education and training courses required to develop the necessary skills to move in to the land-based sector.

Lip reading and managing hearing loss for Veterans. This is a new training course for Veterans with hearing loss, who would like to learn to lip read to help improve their communications.

The Queen’s Regiment Memorial Garden lies in the heart of the Surrey countryside and providing a space for peace and tranquility to remember our lost and fallen of The Queen's & Forebear Regiments.  Sit or walk around the beautiful woodland setting. You will find trees of remembrance, memorial plaques and quiet seating areas.  Open to all ex members of all UK Armed Forces.  See

Sailaday Ok is a charity offering adventure therapy, supporting rehabilitation centre programmes that are helping people recover from addictions and trauma and abuse, by providing a unique, enjoyable and challenging outdoor sporting activity of sailing as therapy, on a 3 day residential course afloat their sailing yacht based in Falmouth. Open to Veterans and their families.

SOS Save Our Soldier was founded on the basis that human beings have the innate ability and capacity to overcome and recover from ‘life’s more difficult challenges’.  We are committed to doing our part to assist ‘former servicemen’ and women and uniformed first responders, in that endeavour, and help them move forward in ‘their’ life; to accomplish their renewed dreams and ‘future’ hopes for them.

Southbank Mosaics are a non-profit, social enterprise based in Waterloo, London, which has been transforming the public realm since it began in 2004. The studio practises mosaic as a uniquely social art form, enabling fine artists to work alongside artisans, students, young offenders, community volunteers, and more.   We believe mosaics are a metaphor for London - where all the communities, colours, peoples, faiths, tribes and creeds coming together to make a brilliant whole."

Surf Action (Registered Charity No: 1140191) is a charity dedicated to supporting military veterans (including TA and reservists) and their families, especially those affected by PTSD and physical injuries or struggling to re-adjust to civilian life. We provide a community, a place to share experiences and support to move forward from difficulties. Above all we aim to put smiles back on faces!

Mad About Scuba  A former NCO in the Royal Signals now runs a scuba diving business in North Wales.
Scuba diving has been found to offer excellent mental and physical benefits to injured soldiers; for example, it reinforces the fact that such an enjoyable and challenging sport can be carried out by someone who may have challenging injuries/disabilities.

The Warrior Programme restores self-esteem and helps to re-build confidence and dignity, empowering people by giving them the tools to lead a more fulfilled life. It offers a new approach, bringing together the best techniques, to address the complex challenges faced by those left emotionally scarred by what they have been through.

Family Support

AFF - The Army Families Federation is the independent voice of Army families and works hard to improve the quality of life for Army families worldwide on any aspect that is affected by the Army lifestyle.

Sheffield Mind's service Keeping Families in Mind provides support to families who are struggling with the demands of military life, particularly following the deployment of a family member. This service offers relational counselling and group therapy to adults who live in South Yorkshire and have a relative that is currently serving or is a reserve in the armed forces.

The Ripple Pond support groups are here for family members of those who have been impacted by events experienced, be that by physical injury or emotional trauma, while serving in the Armed Forces, however long ago and in whatever conflict or manner.

The National Council for Women aims to interest women in local, regional and national affairs and ensure their participation in all areas of development and decision-making. They represent their views and concerns to government at the highest possible level and are dedicated to removing discrimination in all areas of society.   Women treated by Resolution may find further help against grievances.

Social Support

About Turn is a new dynamic social enterprise (constituted as a CIC) that aims to improve the lives of
ex service personnel and their families through the development and delivery of ‘wrap around’ practical support and holistic practices. It will also coordinate the implementation and roll-out of Forces for Good Projects in the North East of England. See also their link to their charity called Forward Assist.

Bridge Across Service into Civilan
(B.A.S.I.C) ( is a project formed for Veterans and their Carers, currently in the Bedfordshire area, to provide immediate practical support, including welfare, housing, counselling, and other needs

Houses for Heroes Scotland (the Scottish Veterans’ Garden City Association) provides housing in Scotland for both physically and psychologically disabled ex-Service personnel from all over the UK. They have 614 houses in 74 locations throughout Scotland. Houses are provided to eligible applicants for life at a rent typically 80% of the local authority or housing association rate. Application is made online through the Veterans Scotland Central Housing Register Contact can be also made directly with Houses for Heroes Scotland by email or by telephoning 0131 557 1188 between 0900 and 1600 Monday to Friday.

No Offence One voice – singing in the darkness – well not any more! There are over 1800 members in the award-winning No Offence! forum and it’s still growing fast. Why? Well it costs nothing to join, and provides access and opportunity in the criminal justice sector.

S.A.L.U.T.E is an organisation run by Ex forces personnel and their families for ex forces personnel and their families living in the East Lancashire Region . Their aim is to provide help and advice to all ex-service personnel and their families in developing the life skills that are required to re adjust into civilian life and improve the well-being of the individual and their family.

Shelter   Get free help and support from Shelter if you're in the armed forces or after you’ve left and need housing advice.

STOLL Stoll provides our Veterans with a full spectrum of social, employment, health and training services. From Pilates to healthy cooking, gardening to cultural outings, our Veterans lead balanced and fulfilling lives.

The Veterans Association UK's mission is to lobby the Government for changes to subjects that affect our veterans, serving personnel and their families, to help veterans access housing and treatment for metal health issues. We also help disabled or elderly veterans obtain stair lifts and wet rooms to make their lives easier. We help veterans obtain war pensions, DWP Pensions, Benefits, medal reclamation and offer help in any way we can.

We train our caseworkers and Regional Co ordinators in the above mentioned area's, some of us are also qualified teachers (PTLLS) Counsellors ( IAG 3) and suicide interventionist (ASSIST)

WebArtillery will be offering a system where you can register and build a  website and have it hosted from only £1 per month; any website for any purpose - business, fund raising etc.. using prebuilt customised templates.

Personal Support

ExFor+ C.I.C. The objectives of ExFor+ C.I.C. are to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation) to supporting the Serving and Veteran communities of HM Armed Forces and related Uniformed Public Services. We will enable injured, multi-skilled and talented ex-forces, and other related uniformed public services personnel, to re-enter civilian life more effectively by providing information and guidance, enabling accelerated access to relevant charitable services. We will provide a personalised and holistic approach to re-habilitation and training, to aid individuals back to a sustainable living and working life.

Hull Veterans Support Centre aims to provide a single point of contact, Immediate Needs and On-Going Support service for those who are suffering from Ill Health, Homelessness, Experiencing difficulties adjusting to post service civilian life, Experiencing hardship due to a dramatic change in their personal circumstances or due to long term Unemployment.

Changing Faces is the leading UK charity that supports and represents people who have disfigurements to the face, hand or body from any cause. Additional support may be mutually available with PTSD Resolution.

Life Works provides treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, depression and eating disorders. Our residential facility in Old Woking is a safe haven in which to detox and overcome addiction. The excellent counsellors and doctors at Life Works can help anyone overcome their behavioural health problems and start recovery.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is exactly what you might think - a first aid approach to mental health. Our skills intervention course seeks to give everyone the confidence and knowledge to recognise signs of mental health problems, encourage someone to seek the right help, and to reduce the stigma around mental illness. Our feedback tells us our training achieves this.  - The First & Only International Directory For Self-Employed Armed Forces Veterans

The Human Approach Whereas PTSD Resolution provides treatment for post traumatic stress, The Human Approach provides a useful adjunct for those needing to deal with depression and anxiety, including relatives and friends. This approach provides free active treatment for these conditions.


FDM is a a global professional services provider. FDM's ex-Forces programme provides bespoke training to ex-Froces personnel to transition them into professional IT and business Consultants

Forces Regroup is a Community Interest Company committed to providing homeless unemployed ex-Forces veterans with the support and training needed to reintroduce them back into employment and community.

Omnivil is a virtual, online career fair concept developed by the BFRS that aims to make transition easier. Omnivil is much more than just a job fair. The Omnivil virtual career environment is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. It enables companies to select prospective employees from a pool of highly talented, highly trained candidates; candidates who have access to a wealth of career support services through Omnivil that help them to make their career transition more effective You will need to register ( a simple and quick process) before you can explore the virtual exhibition. You can find PTSD Resolution under the "Forces Resettlemet" category. People treated by Resolution may find help in accessing the jobs market and finding future employment.

Pathfinder magazine has been distributed by the Ministry of Defence to personnel leaving the Armed Forces each and every month since 1991 and is a vital source of information for resettling servicemen and women. Hugely respected and highly valued by both the MoD and Service Leavers alike, Pathfinder’s role as a provider of careers advice and opportunities is a crucial part of the resettlement process.  

Various - FLOW for ALL was set up to offer help to those who have suffered from the effects of war, including the suffering shared by family members and friends too.  Our sites allow anyone to read other peoples writings, people who may have also had similar experiences and troubles. Just reading poems or stories and realising that others have been through the same or similar things can be a great comfort.

Rewards for Forces. If you are part of our forces community, this website is for you!
Serving personnel and their partners of the Navy, Army, Air Force and Veterans, Service Widows/Widowers, reservists, Cadets, MOD Civil Servants and the Royal British Legion are all welcome.
Visiting members of the US & Canadian forces are also eligible to use the website.

Tickets For Troops is a charity dedicated to offering free tickets for big events to our soldiers, sailors and airmen.