PTSD Resolution August 2012 update

Therapy, Fees & Funding: Important
As at 30th August we have taken our 296th referral, and we continue to average 2 new referrals a week. Well done everyone. So, we need to continue to try to raise funds wherever and whenever we can in order to continue this valuable service, even in this difficult economic climate, which is affecting us all - charities in particular.

We do need more funds as we receive no Government funding. If you can help, please do!. We require local 'activists' who will organise a local network of support. We can provide advice, news material, posters, letters and more. Our local supporters find the activity interesting and fun, with a chance to network and promote their own practices.

Here are on-line resources you can use to help us:-
Draft letter to request funding
Fund raising ideas

Trauma Awareness Training for Employers (TATE)
There are still places available for the TATE seminar.  If you know of any local companies this may benefit, please refer them to our website for further details on the course, white paper, dates and prices.  The cost is just £199 + Vat per person on Thursday, November 29th, 2012 at the Institute of Directors, London.  All the details can also be found at the end of this email.

True Vision
True Vision is a documentary production company that is known for its warm hearted and sympathetic documentaries that explore sensitive social issues.  They have a charitable foundation that has raised huge sums of money to help contributors and support issues raised.  Their ethos is to make films that give people a voice – and when done right can really bring about positive change.

True Vision are researching for a TV documentary to be shown on Channel 4 about service personnel making the transition out of the armed forces and the challenges associated with that.  We are asking if it is possible for you to consider passing the attached letter here to past, present and future clients and to let PTSD Resolution know of possible clients from now until the program is made.

In the News
Recently treated client Robert was interviewed live on Radio 4 and for The Independent. click here
Also in the Daily Mail - 'one in eight soldiers has attacked someone after coming home from war, research shows' click here.

New Logo
We have decided to call ourselves Counsellors and avoid the phrases 'treatment', 'PTSD', where possible. This is to reduce the objections from Combat Stress who say that we are not qualified to provide treatment for PTSD. This is a semantic and pedantic distinction, but one that is preventing us from accessing the high table and the funds that may be available. Therefore, we will be issuing a new logo, rewording the website, and revising the Service Description and Evidence document in due course.

We get many invoices that are missing vital information and this delays the payment to you.  Our new bookkeeper has asked if you can use the following template.  We have attached both Word and OpenOffice templates for you to use.  Open Office template and Word template
Alcohol and drug dependency treatment
it may be that some of you have or will receive referrals for people who are struggling to control a drink or drug habit as well as the symptoms of post traumatic stress. PTSD Resolution has recently agreed to team with Life Works, a private treatment centre near Woking, Surrey, offering charitable treatment to combat veterans with alcohol and drug addictions. The principle is that where the addiction is interfering with the PTS treatment potential, an application to Life Works may be a valuable intervention.

Attached are the Life Works brochure for Veterans, the Application form, and the exclusion criteria. Please consider this option and if you have a client who you think might be eligible then please call Life Works to discuss with their Enquiries team in the first instance. They are available from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week. If you would like to have a chat with Gabrielle or Jill, the clinical heads, at any time please call. They’d be happy to provide secondary consultation in relation to addiction management if you would find it useful.  An early adopter would be helpful in establishing the relationship. Please keep us informed.

Contact details are: LIFE WORKS COMMUNITY Ltd
The Grange, High Street, Old Woking, Surrey, GU22 8LB
Tel01483 757 572

Helpline Number
If you need to contact PTSD Resolution, please always call 0300 302 0551.  This number is re-routed to different contacts (Sarah, Piers & Tony) to ensure there is always someone available to answer the call.

Pub Hubs
We now have 34 Pub Hubs signed up and you can see the full list on the website’s pub hub gallery page. We are always looking for help to increase their fundraising potential. . This could be a monthly phone call or visit to encourage and support the landlord or help with organising and promoting an event. If you can spare an hour or two, please contact Kaye ( for details of your nearest Resolution Pub Hub and more information on ways you can help.

As always, we thank you for your continued support. 

For and on behalf of PTSD Resolution, Registered Charity No. 1133188
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