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Covid-19 Appeal

Piers Bishop - Clinical Director, PTSD Resolution

Do you want to join me in making a difference? I'm raising money in aid of PTSD Resolution Ltd and every donation will help. Due to the Coronavirus all Fundraising Events have been postponed but we have seen an increase in the need for treatment.  With limited funds we are still treating people via online methods, so every penny counts.

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We are a Veterans' mental health charity providing counselling for former armed forces, reservists & their families

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What we know is that when a veteran is traumatised by PTSD, very often this affects his or her partner too. Our fear is that, with self-isolation, a veteran with a partner and even possibly young children is much more likely to suffer, because the pressures on the veteran become much greater.

A partner already often has to cope with the veteran’s nightmares and general depression. Before this crisis, the veteran had access to a wider social network, which included visits to the pub, seeing friends and family members which acted as a decompressor. Now they’re deprived of these ways of letting off steam. The situation becomes a pressure cooker. Continuing therapy is more important than ever.

The need to continue therapy applies equally to those veterans who live alone.

The suffering and anguish of veterans, reservists and their families from the effects of military trauma are at crisis point, exacerbated by the effects of self-isolation from Covid-19. 

Many sufferers are living on their own, with no social engagement; it is a recipe for disaster from the feedback we are getting.

Help us to help them.

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