306 Burpee Challenge

306 Burpee Challenge


Challenge yourself to do The 306 Burpee Challenge – or 11 a day in a month - in support of our Armed Forces' Veterans' mental health and relief from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Or join the #306ClubChallenge for rugby, football, hockey, gym, athletics and other clubs: get sponsored and nominate another club take up the challenge.

Taking part in the challenge is a great way to raise awareness of military trauma and PTSD, and to raise money for our charity PTSD Resolution.

Increasing numbers of veterans (1,525 to date) and their families contact PTSD Resolution every year for help with mental health problems. Every donation brings us closer to returning a serviceman or woman to a normal work and family life.

* Note: all donations are used to help Veterans’ and families’ mental welfare. (We have no salaried staff, offices or other assets).

Why 306?

On the centenary of the Great War, WW1, we remember the 306 British and Commonwealth servicemen shot for cowardice who were then pardoned (Wiki). The usual reason given for their offences has been attributed in modern times to PTSD: none of these men committed acts for which they would have been executed under civilian law. Judgements included "Desertion", "Cowardice", "Quitting a post without authority", "Disobedience to a lawful command" and "Casting away arms".

The families of these men often carried the stigma of the label of coward for generations. It was only in 2007 that the Armed Forces Act 2006 was passed allowing the soldiers to be pardoned posthumously, although section 359(4) of the act states that the pardon "does not affect any conviction or sentence."
A further aspect to the sentencing was the terrible emotional pain caused to those who were in the firing squads, shooting those found guilty.

Military trauma or PTSD was known as 'shell shock' and little understood at the time. During 1917, 'shell shock' was entirely banned as a diagnosis in the British Army, and mentions of it were censored, even in medical journals. In his testimony to the post-war Royal Commission examining shell-shock, Lord Gort said that shell-shock was a weakness and was not found in "good" units.

There were so many officers and men suffering from shell shock that 19 British military hospitals were wholly devoted to the treatment of cases during the war. Ten years after the war, 65,000 veterans of the war were still receiving treatment for it in Britain. In France it was possible to visit aged shell shock victims in hospital in 1960.

So we remember not just the 306 - but all those who suffered and continue to suffer “shell shock” or military trauma.


Here's what to do

1. Set out to do out to do the 306 burpee challenge in one session, or 11 daily in one month
2. Set up a free 'Fundraise for Us' button here
3. Ask friends, work mates or others to sponsor you
4. Each day nominate someone you know to do the challenge too
5. You could film it and post on your social media – and let us know on our Facebook page

With 11 burpees in a daily session (and on camera, no less), it's important to get it right and stay free of injury.

So, How to do the perfect burpee:

1. Begin in a standing position.
2. Drop into a squat position with your arms straight and hands on the ground.
3. Kick your feet back into a plank position, while keeping your arms extended.
4. Immediately return your feet to the squat position.
5. Stand up from the squat position.

This is a demanding exercise unless you are fit. It is important to warm up for a few minutes first.

For the very fit, you can include variants, such as dropping from the plank position into a full press up, with your chest touching the ground. Also including a jump in the air as you stand up.

The Burpee Challenge
(click image to watch video)

So go on, try it yourself and do the 306 burpee challenge. Nominate a new person each day and ask that they do the same. Ask friends and family to sponsor you – you can set up a free Just Giving page by clicking on the 'Fundraise for Us' button

If you need any help or further information then please email us on: events@ptsdresolution.org
Thanks so much for your support! Good luck.