Trauma Awareness Training

If you have staff or clients who may be affected by trauma, then ‘Trauma Awareness Training’ may interest you. Trauma can cause depression and behavioural problems in the workplace. Left untreated, it may result in disciplinary extended sick-leave, dismissal and legal liability for the employer.

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PTSD Resolution provides preventative training so that organisations can meet statutory obligations and avoid the commercial impact and personal costs to the employee of trauma. With brief training, line managers and HR professionals can proactively identify staff suffering from trauma. Organisations can then confidently guide staff to receive professional help and resolve the condition.

Our training is uniquely effective because PTSD Resolution is the first national treatment agency also to offer the Trauma Awareness Training for Employers (TATE) programme.

As a charity (No. 1133188), Resolution provides free out-patient therapy for UK armed forces’ veterans, reservists and TA through our network of 200 therapists. We also employ the same effective techniques to help other sufferers in commercial and public sector organisations.

Discrete and confidential, our therapy has amongst the highest overall rates of success anywhere in the world, at over 83 per cent. 

Because we know ‘what works’ in identifying trauma and delivering therapy, we are well placed to advise line managers and HR professionals on the key symptoms.

We have developed a programme that delivers practical advice and training. Additionally, if you require one-to-one therapeutic services for staff, we offer these too.

The PTSD Resolution TATE programme deals with the key issues for managers and enables them to:-

• Recognise post-traumatic symptoms and PTSD
• Understand the effects of trauma on human behaviour
• Engage with traumatised people to explore practical options
• Identify a clear route to resolving workplace difficulties caused by trauma

To speak to an advisor, contact us on 0300 302 0551 during office hours

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