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PTSD Action Ltd., is a registered company by guarantee, a non-profit charitable organisation, without shareholders. Our small yet dynamic action group was founded in the summer of 2014 by the award winning social justice campaigner Charles Sandbach and his wife Terry, a fully qualified and highly experienced care practitioner.

The objectives of PTSD Action are very clear and concise. Firstly, we have to state that the ever-growing serious problem of combat-related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder isn't just going to fade away, henceforth, we have to tackle it head-on by utilising all of our resources and experience.

Our partnership with the registered charity PTSD Resolution enables us to provide them with substantial and regular funding. The charity in turn organises a network of 200 therapists across the country providing the fastest and most efficient treatment programmes available. Referrals for counselling can be made within twenty-four hours and therapy can commence within days.

PTSD Action also directly makes many referrals for treatment to individuals and their families directly to the charity thanks to the presence of our mobile exhibition stands that we operate across Great Britain.

Awareness is the key to our work, on a daily basis we encounter the general public and are very often asked many questions as to how we can make a difference… We always remain positive and explain how information, funding, therapy and post-treatment care are all vital in not just dispelling ignorance but ultimately positively turning around the lives of as many people as we can.

As an action group we know we have made a difference, regular feedback from the charity and their therapists tells us this – and the funding we provide makes a lot of things happen, our aim is to donate £50,000 of funding to PTSD Resolution in our first year of operation and to date we are well on target to achieve that aim, if not exceed it.

The truth is that no accurate figures exist for the numbers of our ex-service personnel who suffer from PTSD. Statistics from the MOD and government bodies can never be relied upon as they can't possibly include the number of un-diagnosed sufferers. Our experiences when we are out and about suggests there are many of these unfortunates. Shockingly we believe the number of sufferers in the UK – from all conflicts, going back to WW2 and Korea exceeds 400,000, if you then add on their families and dependents it literally becomes a horror story.

Successive governments have inadequately failed to tackle this widespread problem, we can only chip away at it, yes we are small, the charity itself is small, without any help whatsoever we go out there and make a difference, funded by the generosity and compassion of the general public.

The message is clear – We cannot turn our backs on the men and women who have defended our way of life, we all take things for granted – What we can't see does not hurt us, mental illness in the form of the spectre of PTSD cannot be seen but it desperately hurts the very people who we have depended upon and taken for granted to preserve our liberty.


Registered Office, Suite 49,
Clayton House, 59 Piccadilly,
Manchester, M1 2AQ

Telephone 0161 933 7270 + 07975 677508