Iraq Veteran's Experience of Therapy: from Scepticism to Recovery

Experience of Therapy

New Case studies detail the actual experiences of treatment by the forces' veterans and their families helped by PTSD Resolution.

Each person is asked after the programme to describe their experience leading up to, during and following therapy. This is voluntary and not a condition of treatment. All case studies are actual statements made by the person who received help. Each is anonymised to protect their identity: all therapy is delivered in the strictest confidence, no doctor's referral is required.

Client 1337

"Despite an early recognition of my PTSD symptoms during a tour in Iraq, Army psychological treatment was very brief and ultimately ineffective. I returned to the front line (as a trauma medic) within one week. After returning home, I had several unsuccessful attempts at treatment and my symptoms escalated to the point that I left the Army.

"My emotional lack of wellbeing started to impact on my new career. To cope with the stress, I returned to the familiar methods of self-harm and overdose. Thankfully, I was referred to a Mental Health Nurse who quickly realised that my symptoms and previous traumatic experiences were too much for her to manage appropriately and effectively. She then referred me to PTSD Resolution.

"Initially, I was very sceptical. I felt as though I had been passed on to another health professional who was, no doubt, extremely unfamiliar with the realities of conflict. I also really disliked the thought of watching my new therapist's face as I disclosed my intrusive thoughts and personal experiences as an Army medic. I imagined it would fill this person with disgust.

"Thankfully, I was paired with a very experienced therapist. We quickly developed an excellent relationship with which we could identify the areas that were really troubling me. We worked together to find suitable strategies to combat my anxiety and other symptoms. We even worked on the traumatic experiences which bothered me the most.

"Thanks to the professionalism and expertise of PTSD Resolution, I was provided with a comprehensive support package throughout my treatment. Contact numbers, emails and reading materials were all made available to me, and I found this very comforting.

"I personally believe that PTSD Resolution and my therapist have gone above and beyond to provide me with the necessary tools and support so that I can enjoy a permanent recovery and make plans for my life ahead. I am now in such a positive place and I am eternally grateful to you for that. Thank you."

CF, Service in Iraq.