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Joanne Meads
Researcher/Writer/Aftercare assistant.

Although I have worked predominately in welfare and Mental health I have also had experience in retail, office and childcare.  I have had to be adaptable.  I have also worked in Army Welfare posts, ran summer play schemes, volunteered as a school governor, home start, meet and greet and play schools and schools prior to 2000.

  Karolina Grzyb

Karolina Grzyb

I moved to the UK from Poland 5 years ago to provide better opportunities for my future.
I first studied English, and went on to study accountancy and book keeping here, and began volunteering for my local council's arts and culture department to 'give something back' and integrate into British society.
I feel honoured to now work in the admin department for this great team and charity.

  Howard Maryon-

Davis Howard Maryon-Davis is responsible for the website maintenance and design, as well as providing graphic design work as required. His company, MassMedia Ltd, offers a full range of internet services.  

Clare Borg