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Lottery England




Lottery England is a major support for PTSD Resolution Lottery England works with pubs to raise funding, allied to the Resolution Pub Hub scheme. Resolution Pub Hub focuses on pubs as centres of community life. Pubs participating in the scheme raise awareness locally of military PTSD and the charity. They help fund-raising, often by organising events – ranging from 'summer parties' to fire walks.

The pubs offer veterans social contact in a sympathetic setting and provide information on local services by Resolution Networks' trained therapists, as well as services' charities and organisations interested in providing support.

Are you a Publican? Or if you're not, do you have a friendly 'local' that might be willing to help?

How you as a publican can help the charity:-

1. Fund-raising for PTSD Resolution - we'll help you with ideas, leaflets and collection boxes
2. Provide contact details on PTSD Resolution to local services' veterans amongst customers
3. If you choose, contact local groups and tell them about your involvement - such as Royal British Legion, Lions, Masons, Round Table, Rotary clubs

How participation helps your pub:-

1. Fund raising events increase "footfall" and bar and food receipts
2. We offer free promotion of your pub on the PTSD Resolution web site and to our network of supporters. Plus there may be local media opportunities for you.
3. Military PTSD is an increasingly popular cause, with many supporters amongst the public