2018 Stair Challenge

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The 2018 Stair Challenge

Get fit. Lose weight. Help a Forces’ Veteran.

Do you have lots of stairs to climb each day? You will if you skip the lift and the escalator.

So, set a target for steps climbed in March. Find sponsors to support you, or simply donate on the basis of steps you climb. How about: £1 for every 100 steps, with a target of £100 for 10,000 steps climbed?

You can count steps or use a Free App like:-
Step Jockey iTunes
Step Jockey Android

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Stair climbing

Nobody likes taking the stairs. That's why we invented escalators. But if you want an easy way to add more activity into your day, taking the stairs is a no-brainer. Stair climbing burns more calories per minute than jogging. No gym fees, and fancy clothing is optional.
Research shows taking the stairs is good for strong bones, cardiovascular fitness and weight management. It's a safe, low-impact exercise that requires no equipment.
One of the best parts about stair climbing is how easy it is to build it into daily life. Walk past the escalators, take the stairs and impress all those on the adjoining escalator, if there is one.

“Climbing stairs is the best and cheapest route to fitness ever invented. It's even a sport in its own right.” Anon

Why stair-climbing is good for us (Source: The Independent)

* Going up stairs has an energy-cost value of 9.6 METS (that's 9.6 times more energy than sitting doing nothing). This score is higher than almost any other cardio exercise, including jogging, and is on a par with vigorous swimming. Even better, the more you weigh, the greater the calorie-burn.
* According to research by Dr Lewis Halsey, of Roehampton University, the best weight-loss strategy is one step at a time, not double steps. His team found that climbing a 15m stairway (that's about 100 steps) five times a day burns an average 302kcal weekly using the one-step strategy, versus 266kcal using double-steps. At a rate of 75 steps a minute, it'll take less than half an hour a week – and no gym fees.
* Your legs will feel the benefits a couple of weeks after they experience the initial burn of the intensive muscle work involved. You will be improving both power and strength endurance. Don't dismiss the benefits of coming down, either. The energy expenditure may be less, but the work your leg muscles have to do against gravity is particularly valuable.
Create a Fundraising Page for PTSD Resolution.

About PTSD Resolution

Free – for all UK Forces’ Veterans and their families
Local – via 200 accredited therapists UK-wide
Effective – fully measured treatment & recovery rates
Brief – an average of just 5 sessions
Inclusive – we also help partners and families
That means everyone - we help those with dependency issues and in prison 
Prompt – start of treatment usually within days
Confidential - no GP, clinical or service referrals required
Private – no re-telling of trauma experiences